Privacy Policy

Our Promise to Your Privacy

Hey there, Friend of Dreamwave Productions!

We know that privacy online is like your own secret garden – you don’t want anyone barging in uninvited. So, here’s our pinky promise to you about how we handle your personal info.

What We Collect and Why

  • Contact Information: This is just so we can write back when you say hi, send you cool stuff if you want it, and basically make sure our friendship goes both ways.
  • Browsing Stuff: It’s like footprints in the digital sand. We check out which paths you take on our site so we can make sure it’s as welcoming as your favorite beachside hangout.
  • Cookies and Techy Bits: These aren’t the eatable kind (sorry!), but they do help our site remember you and your preferences. It’s like having a secret handshake with our website!

How We Protect Your Treasure

We guard your info like it’s the treasure map to Dream Island. That means we use all the digital padlocks and security measures to keep it safe from prying eyes.

Sharing (Only When We Must)

We only share your data with the cool folks who help us make Dreamwave awesome (think mail carriers for your emails). We never sell your info to third-party pirates – that’s just not our style.

Your Rights, Your Map

  • Access: Want to see the info we have on you? Just ask!
  • Edit: Got changes? Tell us, and we’ll update our maps.
  • Delete: If you want out, we’ll erase your tracks from our sandy beach. No questions asked.

Changes to Our Privacy Practices

If we tweak the way we handle privacy (like finding a new way to make things even safer), we’ll definitely let you know. We’ll post the updates right here faster than you can say “Dreamwave!”

Get in Touch

Questions about our privacy practices? Just drop us a line at [email protected], and we’ll chat it out!

Thanks for trusting us with your data – it means the world to us. Let’s keep making dreams come true, with respect and privacy leading the way!

With care, The Dreamwave Productions Crew 🌊✨